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How to grow your social media audience authentically

When it comes to growing your social media audience, it can be easy to think it’s a long road. To some extend it is, and building authentic audience takes time and perseverance.

To grow your social media audience you need to build a useful and cohesive relationship with followers – regardless of which social channel you’re working with.

Without doubt the most popular channels for building social media audience now are Instagram and Twitter, with Facebook relying more and more on paid-for advertising and promotion to boost readership.

In today’s post we’ve got 9 tips for growing your audience via social media – ensuring authentic and organic growth at all times.

  1. Create an attractive proposition

This should go without saying, but your social media platforms need to look inviting and attractive to potential customers. This couldn’t be more prevalent than on Instagram. The ‘grid’ as we call it should be considered aesthetically, as well as the message you’re trying to convey. If you were a customer or client would you look at your feed and think ‘yeah, I’d like to work with them?’

  1. Have a clear voice

Know what you want to say and be clear on your message. Are you trying to gain clients at your clinic in London – then offer bespoke content that’s useful and targeted at those people. No one likes waffle – create written content that’s both useful and engaging.

  1. Know your brand

Tell the world who you are. Make sure your bio is concise and clear. Don’t put inspirational quotes where your company info should be; don’t leave your bio blank!

  1. Follow people

You make friends and build influence by following people – go follow relevant people in your niche and build relationships. You never know where they may lead you.

  1. Ask questions

Your content is looking and sounding good – but don’t forget to engage your followers. Ask questions; find out how you can help them.

  1. Interaction is key

You need to monitor your online accounts if you want to build a solid social media audience. Interact with your followers – reply to messages and comments; build rapport. It will help your standing in the long run.

  1. Be polite

Following on from the last point – always be friendly and nice. It sounds silly but it’s very easy to come across as rude in written form online. Think about your replies and interactions; are you coming across as the best version of yourself? Are you doing your brand a good service?

  1. Put the effort in

“But my social media audience just isn’t growing..” That’s not the fault of your potential followers – it’s yours. Are you genuinely putting the effort in? Are you replying to your followers? Are you providing interesting and useful content? You can’t just throw a post up once a month and expect the followers to just fall in your lap. Effort = reward, and that’s the simple truth.

  1. Be patient

Growing a social media audience takes time. Sorry – that’s just reality. Unless you buy followers (DON’T DO THIS) it takes a while for the momentum of regular new followers to kick in. Following point 1-8 above will also help you. But remember quality followers are better in the long terms than fake ones. Fake followers will not buy your products or service – be realistic.

What next?

Still need help? If you need help building your online brand please contact the team at CCF Media. Book a digital health check with the SEO and Social Media gurus here at the agency and let us take your brand to the next level.

9 tips to grow your social media audience

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