Implementing blog writing services to improve your website reach

At CCF Media we understand the plethora of benefits our blog writing services offer clients. Your website is so much more than an online advertisement tool for you to show existing patients and clients, it’s how you build a new audience to translate into sales that really matters.

We’ve all seen those jazzy websites that look amazing but actually offer very little in regards to information or pages of interest. Yes, it’s great to have a visually pleasing website that wows your potential clients or patients, but are you providing good content?

More importantly, are you writing this content in a way that pleases both your target market AND Google? It matters – trust us!

Why does having a blog on your website matter?

The way we write web pages and blog copy is really important. As well as telling your potential clients about yourself, you’re showing them how you operate, how seriously you take your business, and how much effort you put in to being successful.

All websites should have a blog to enable you to keep adding unique content to your website. Well written pages are vital – of course – but regular uploads of quality, well-written web content are massively important if you want to rank in search and have a good bounce rate.

A low bounce rate equals more views on your website, and that usually translates to more sales. So how can you create Google-friendly online copy?

What other benefits are there to blog writing services?

Once you have a blog you can use the content to build a social media presence too. Send out links to your blogs via platforms including Twitter and Facebook – your customers and clients can engage with you easily and it brings traffic to your site.

Having a full website full of blog posts also allows you to talk about any offers, deals or news you have within your clinic or company. Got a new offer on a treatment? Selling a device? TELL PEOPLE!

Use keywords

This is a vital part of any online content writing strategy. Work with keywords and phrases you want to rank for. There are online tools you can use to measure the keyword density of your blogs, but ideally you want them to be over 500 words with a keyword density of 2-3%.

Use your SEO plug ins

If you have a WordPress site but don’t have SEO plug ins such as Yoast you won’t ever grow your website. Through our blog writing services we can do a site overview for you and make sure the plug ins are both present and working for you. SEO management is a vital aspect of content creation.

Make it interesting

Know your audience. If you’re writing for clients and customers keep it interesting and keep it reader-friendly. People will quickly leave your blog and website if you don’t provide easy to read information.

Make it unique

Do not copy content from another website – even if it’s your own. Unique content cannot be underestimated when it comes to growing your online audience.

All sounds a bit complicated – who can do this for me?

We can. We do this day in and day out; it’s what we excel in. We know most medical professionals and businesses are too busy to keep up to date with their online admin. For that reason, many people choose to outsource this work load to experts offering blog writing services.

We create bespoke plans for you, depending on what you want to achieve. We offer tailored advice that fits your niche, and work to build your online presence using Google-friendly practices. We don’t cheat the system or use copy written by anyone else – we offer unique blog writing services to every single client.

Want to add social media management or SEO management to your weekly plan? Don’t worry, we can do all that for you too and take the pressure off.

Contact us today if you’d like more information about our blog writing services.

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