The top benefits of blogging to improve website traffic

At CCF Media we are often asked how to quickly improve website traffic and build and online audience. Obviously, this isn’t a simple question, as an online presence takes time and effort, but there are some key rules to follow.

Aside from employing robust SEO and utilising social media to boost your site hits, to improve website traffic it’s widely agreed that regular blog posts help.

Not only do they add value to your site for visitors, providing useful info and news updates, they are a great way to pick up hits from search engines.

We offer blog writing to clients seeking to boost their online presence as well as improve the quality of the information available on the website. You can read more about this service here.

In today’s post, one of our copywriter’s talks you through the benefits of regular blog posts.

Blogging regularly helps people find you online

A website with regular blogs has more chance of being found in online search – combine this with comprehensive SEO and you can improve website traffic quickly and organically.

When people search online they are offered a selection of websites Google considers relevant – if you want to appear in more searches you need more copy on your site. Pages tend to remain static but a blog can evolve and in time grow improve website traffic.

Blogs can be about anything you think is relevant

The beauty of having your own blog as part of your website is that you can talk about anything – trends, news, ideas, offers; the list is extensive. Studies show regular visitors enjoy keeping up to date with your news if you’ve built up a rapport with them previously.

A regular blog gives you engaging content for social media

What are you posting to your social media channels? We’ve found that engaging your audience on platforms like Twitter and Facebook is easier when you have both quality info and links to stories of interest.

Twitter specifically is perfect for link sharing – you can improve website traffic as well as help potential customers by offering genuinely useful information. It’s win/win.

Blogs help you share news and offers as well as information

As well as blogs that talk about treatments or specific concerns (for example: how to reduce wrinkles) we often find using it to share your company news or offers is also helpful.

Got a promotion on for a product or service? Share it on your blog. You can use this opportunity to connect with potential customers as well as boost your website traffic. Connect this idea to the one about and you’ve got a winning combo.

Short but sweet isn’t a bad thing

Blogs are short enough to keep interest and help – but not bore visitors. Usually blogs are around 500-600 words, meaning they can be read in a matter of minutes. This is handy as it’s helpful to visitors AND keeps your bounce rate low.

Get more information

We would be delighted to help you – our blog writing service remains one of the most popular options for CCF Media clients. Email us to find out more, or visit the services pages to see what other media-based activity we could support you with.

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