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When it comes to managing your social media marketing, one of the most important avenues to explore these days is Instagram.

At CCF Media we love and use this social media channel frequently. This week’s blog is all about organic ways to grow an Instagram following and ensure you’re getting the most out of this social media marketing.

What is Instagram?

On a basic level, Instagram is a photo sharing site. It’s designed to allow you to upload and share multiple images with your customers and clients, without requiring much by way of words. Posts are uploaded as frequently as desired, and there are filters to enable you to make the most out of your images.

Why should I have it?

Like most popular social media platforms these days, Instagram has a loyal number of daily users. It’s one of the top 3 most popular and widely used social media platforms now, including Twitter and Facebook. It’s one of the most modern and favored platforms used by both businesses and people from all over the world looking to enjoy the imagery and connect with others. It’s also an excellent outside resource for getting website traffic and reaching your target market.

How do I grow an Instagram following?

Ahh, how to grow an Instagram following – the question we knew you’d ask. The truth is, a lot like building a Twitter following, you need to use organic methods to reach your target market and interact with them. Yes, it may take a while, and growth, a lot like in regular business, doesn’t happen overnight. You should be aware the road is long, and your Instagram will only grow if you put the effort in.

Here are seven of our top tips to grow an Instagram following:

  • Don’t take shortcuts

Short-term solutions like buying followers don’t work in the long run, and most people see through unrealistic numbers quite quickly. If your brand, product, or clinic is great you shouldn’t have trouble getting interested if you market your account properly and effectively.

  • Post regularly

Regular posts mean more followers, more interaction, and more traffic to your website. There is no magic number as to how many times a day or week you should post, but many companies find once a day or a few times a week keeps it ticking over.

  • Hashtags are your friend

This cannot be overstated: hashtags are THE most effective way of getting new followers, like,s and comments. There are online tools you can use to come up with relevant hashtags, but the simple advice to follow is to be relevant, be specific and play to your strengths.

Obvious hashtags like #love or #life may seem super popular but that’s not always helpful. Your post may end up buried in a sea of thousands, so use specific keywords you think clients, customers or patients would search.

  • Utilize the free benefits

Utilize your Instagram account and all of its features. For example, some businesses make the mistake of not adding a weblink in their bio – it’s a wasted opportunity and demeans the value of your offering automatically to visitors. Would you trust a cosmetic surgeon or clinic that didn’t appear to have a website? Nope.

  • Be engaging

The key to success on Instagram lies in being honest, engaging, and showcasing your best qualities – this is universal regardless of whatever industry you’re in. The aim is to get likes, comments and – where possible – website click-throughs, so uploading images that are aesthetically pleasing is the first step. Similarly, make sure your captions are engaging – ask questions, give information etc.

  • Don’t over do it

Remember it’s a public space and the platform has decency rules. For example, be careful of using surgery pictures, and before and afters; keep in mind that this is a regulated platform and you don’t want to be suspended. Nudity, for example an exposed nipple, can cause you more hassle than the post is worth.

  • Have fun with it

It’s meant to be an engaging and fun tool in building your business; make the most of it! Try different photos, play with the concepts and visuals. You’ll soon see from your likes and followers whether you’re on the right track or not.

Let us help you

Want more information? Need some helpful advice? Let us guide you and manage your social media. We work with clients to supervise or run social media channels including Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Contact us to arrange a consultation on how to grow an Instagram following.

How to grow an authentic Instagram following

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