Exilis Elite: Hold Tight

“I can get an average of 40 to 50 percent tightening—and that’s an enormous amount for a totally nonsurgical procedure,” says Frank of Exilis Elite, a device that heats tissues using radio waves to spark collagen growth, thus shrinking loose skin resulting from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. “Everybody wants to tighten skin without surgery, and this is a great tool for broad areas,” Frank says. After four to six no-downtime treatments, “90 percent of patients come back asking to do other areas.” But why not use the tried-and-true ultrasound-based Ulthera, the derm favorite for skin tightening since its launch in 2009? According to Frank, the current Ulthera device head is too small to use efficiently on large areas, such as the stomach. Another plus for the Exilis: Unlike the jaw-clenching intensity of an Ulthera session, an Exilis session tones with zero pain.

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